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Residential Locksmith Services in Windsor, Ontario

We understand the importance of home security in urban spaces with an ever-increasing rate of home burglaries and break-ins. Studies and research prove that “snatch and grab” robberies reduce in the presence of top quality and high-security hardware. This also helps to reduce property insurance rates. We help residents find proper ways to secure exposed entry points and keep the burglars out by providing efficient security locksmith services. We offer a wide range of home security services that suit every budget to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized entrees. We also provide after-hours locksmith services for emergency lockouts.

Key Duplication

Key Duplication is one of the most common reasons people call for locksmith services. If you have lost your key and need an extra key, consider re-keying your locks instead of key duplication to prevent unauthorized entry. Always keep a track of the copies of your keys for your safety. 

We can duplicate door keys, car keys, office keys, residential keys, transponder keys, mailbox keys, filing cabinet keys, “Do Not Duplicate” keys, special keys, and much more. Please call us for a free estimate and consultation about key duplication.

Emergency Lockout Services

Life is challenging enough without the stress of being locked out. In an emergency, you need a locksmith that can gain entry quickly without damaging your door.

Enterprise Locksmiths provides emergency locksmith services across Windsor and Essex County. We provide same-day service and emergency after-hours service.


Fresh Installation for New Doors

A fresh installation requires precise measurement and accurate drilling of the door with special tools. The advantage of a fresh installation is that you can match the lock design and colours with your door colour. There are many kinds of locks that you can install in your house. You can choose to install high-security locks to upgrade the security of your house. 

We install many kinds of locks such as electronic push button locks, door levers, doorknobs, deadbolts, mortise cylinders, push bars with mechanism, commercial locks, and commercial levers. Please ask about the different brands and lock finishes we offer. Please call us for a free consultation and estimate. 

Lock Re-key

Re-keying is a process of changing the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock which renders the old key useless and allows access only while using the new key. By re-keying your locks, you can be sure that you eliminate the access of those who previously owned the property. 

While it is easy to re-key an old lock, high-security locks are much more expensive and complicated to re-key. We can re-key residential deadbolts, doorknobs, lever handles, and master keys. 

Some locks do not need a locksmith for re-keying, especially the Smart Key series from Weiser and Kw 1-set. Please ask your locksmith about the Smart Key Series. 


Mailbox Lock Repairs

Identity theft is a common crime, and one step to prevent it is to secure your mail. Securing your mail delivery is the first thing you should do whenever you move into a new house or office. If the mailbox in your new apartment or office is in the common mailbox area, consider replacing the mailbox lock. 

To install a new mailbox lock, a destructive entry method is used to remove the existing lock. If you have a key for your existing mailbox lock, the replacement of your mailbox lock can be easier and cheaper. If you would like to have your mailbox lock replaced, please call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Break-in Repairs

A burglary or break-in can cause serious damage to the locks and doors of a house. This may include a broken deadbolt, broken latches, broken doorknob, broken cylinder, screwdriver inside the lock, and broken padlock hasps or eyes. 

It is very important to call a professional locksmith for a consultation about higher security hardware devices and repair options. We offer many products that include high-security locks, as well as bump lock pick and drill resistant locks that will make the break-in difficult. We also specialize in fixing any kind of damaged locks. Please call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Padlock Installation 

Warehouses, sheds, storage rooms, RV gates, backyard gates, and trucks need padlocks for security. Different kinds of padlocks like combination padlocks, U-locks, regular padlocks, and high-security padlocks require hasps or padlock eyes to install them. If you are not sure how to install the hasps or eyes, don’t try it yourself as you can damage the doors. 

Enterprise Locksmiths can send professionally trained locksmiths with the right tools to install padlock hasps and eyes safely and quickly. If you wish to install a padlock, call us to get a free estimate and consultation for your padlock installation. 

Pick Padlocks

Padlocks are common locks for warehouses, sheds, storage rooms, RV gates, backyard gates, and trucks. Since we do not use a padlock key every day, it often takes time to discover that it’s lost. 

There are different kinds of padlocks such as combination padlocks, U-locks, regular padlocks, and high-security padlocks. If you have misplaced your padlock key, you will either have to get your padlock picked or use a destructive entry method like drilling or cutting. Enterprise Locksmiths can pick or remove padlocks safely and quickly. If you have misplaced your padlock key, call us to get a free estimate and consultation. 


Locked Yourself Out?

We can help you with an emergency lockout service.

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