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Commercial Locksmith Services in Windsor, Ontario

We offer a variety of commercial locksmith and security services for industrial and commercial properties such as small businesses, large corporate organization offices, retail stores, and shops. We have commercial locksmiths who can service a variety of locks, emergency exit door devices, and fire escape devices. Not only that, but we also supply and install commercial expanding gates that reduce the urge for smash and grab break-ins. These gates are installed on the inside of your doors and windows which slow the break-in attempt with your alarm notifying the police if the door is forced.

At Enterprise Locksmiths, we combine professional training with the use of advanced locksmith specialty tools and equipment to ensure that our commercial locksmiths work professionally and efficiently at affordable prices.

Commercial Lock Installation Services

Commercial locks are usually more secure and durable compared to residential locks. Some popular commercial locks are commercial lever handles, commercial doorknobs, commercial deadbolts, rim cylinders, mortise cylinders, stile locks, push bars, keyless entry locks, door closers, combination locks, and electronic locks. 

We provide a variety of services for commercial locks including sale, installation, re-keys, lockouts, and repair. In addition to this, we also offer a variety of locks by special order delivery. Please call us for a free estimate and consultation.

Door Lock Repair

The average lifetime of a lock is about 20 to 30 years. The life of a lock also depends on the frequency of its use and maintenance. Locks that are frequently used have a shorter life span as compared to locks that are unlocked daily. 

Repair of door locks usually includes replacement of pins, wafers, springs, or other moving parts. Please note some locks are so old that they are discontinued by the brand. In that case, it becomes difficult to repair the lock and lock replacement is the only solution. Whenever you experience a problem with your lock, call us for a free consultation.

High-Security Locks

We provide high-security locks for additional security of your workplace. If you need a security upgrade for your locks, reach out to us for assistance. One of our prominent high-security locks is Mul-T-Lock®.

Mul-T-Lock®’s high-security cylinders have a special telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with internal and external pins. The patented Mul-T-Lock® plug has a special structure. When the top and bottom pins, the plug and the body meet, a three-dimensional shear line is formed, creating an almost perfect spherical shape. Steel inserts enhance anti-drilling resistance.

These features provide an added security dimension, amplifying the Mul-T-Lock cylinder’s pick-and-drill resistance for high-security needs. When master keyed, additional side pins or back pins can be incorporated.

The interactive system combines the special telescopic pin tumbler mechanism and special features of the classic system with a spring-loaded pin in the cylinder plug to produce a ‘virtual combination’ only when the key is inserted in the lock.

The interactive patented key and key blank provide increased control over the key cutting to achieve an even higher level of key security. Additional keys are cut after the presentation of a Mul-T-Lock® key card and verification of customer identity following Mul-T-Lock® key cutting procedures, which may be obtained through professional Mul-T-Lock® locksmiths. Interactive technology is retro-compatible with the Mul-T-Lock® Classic system, allowing existing locks to be upgraded.

We also provide HALSCO HS key control cylinders and keys, as a budget option. These keys cannot be duplicated at your local hardware or key cutting store. Call us to learn more about this product.

Filing Cabinet Lock Repair and Installation

Most businesses use filing cabinets to store their business’ information safely. We provide a wide range of filling cabinet services such as lockout, re-keying, lock replacement, lock repair, and installation. It is always advised to go for lock replacement or re-keying if you have lost the keys. Please call us for a free estimate and consultation about your filing cabinet locks.

Burglary Repair Services

Locks and doors are usually damaged in case of burglaries. This might lead to the breaking of a deadbolt, latch, doorknob, cylinder, screwdriver inside the lock, or padlock hasps. 

The best thing to do after a burglary is to replace all your locks. Upgrading your security system would also be a smart idea to prevent any such incidents in the future. It is very important to call a professional locksmith for a consultation about higher security hardware devices and repair options. We offer many products that include high- security locks such as bump-proof, pick-proof, and drill resistant. These kinds of locks make break-ins very difficult. In addition to this, we have trained locksmiths who can repair broken deadbolts, latches, doorknobs, and locks.


Retail Storefront Protection

Enterprise Locksmiths exclusively uses Xpanda Security Products

Enterprise Locksmiths offers support in helping you find the retail storefront protection product that is right for you. We know great storefront protection isn’t just about keeping criminals out–businesses also need entrance door security gates that are easy to operate and maintain. Our tubular steel scissor-style gates are strong and cost-effective and require virtually no maintenance. When not in use, they can be folded to a fraction of their full size and stored out of the way to allow for easy customer access with an appealing storefront security application. Gate applications are available in black, white, gray, and safety yellow. Call us today, we’d like to help find a solution for you.

Ratail Storefront Protection
Ratail Storefront Protection

Want A Secure Workplace?

We can help you upgrade your security systems to keep your workspace safe.

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