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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact a professional locksmith?

Many situations require professional locksmith service. At Enterprise Locksmiths, we can provide you with any locksmith services of your choice. We make keys for houses, offices and vehicles. We install a variety of security hardware. We provide consulting for different security needs. We can help you to gain access to your home, office, car or property if needed. You need it; we do it. If for some reason we are not able to provide the service you need, we will subcontract the service to a professional who can help you with the needed service. Your safety is our main concern.

Is it possible to schedule an appointment at a specific time with Enterprise Locksmiths?

At Enterprise Locksmiths, we are always ready to handle emergencies as well as scheduled appointments. In both cases, we do our best to satisfy your needs around your calendar. Just call us, we are ready to help you. We value our clients and do our best to keep all of our appointments as scheduled. However, if for some reason there is a problem with your appointment, we will contact you and work with you to find another time that suits your schedule the best. We also understand that there may be situations when you need to reschedule your appointment. We simply ask that you call us in advance (at least 24 hours if possible) to make alternate arrangements.

I just moved in and received a pair of keys to my property from a landlord or previous owner. Why should I have my locks re-keyed?

We get asked this question frequently. The answer is that you never know how many other people can have a duplicate key to your property. Who was the previous tenant and what intentions this tenant has? How many copies of the key to your place are out there and who has access to it?

Re-keying your locks is the best and the safest solution. This is done easily and quickly and does NOT require you to change all the locks. At Enterprise Locksmiths, our re-keying process simply means that the technician changes the tumbler configuration within the locks, and ensures that all your locks are clean and in good working order. After the re-key, the old key will no longer be able to open the locks and you will be provided with a brand-new set of keys to your property. So, you can have a safe environment in your new place.

Why are the most durable locks usually the most expensive?

As locks are used over time, the tumblers in a lock cylinder tend to wear down causing the keys to stick in the cylinder and to malfunction. An additional reason is that the keys that were provided have been copied several times and have been worn down which can cause your lock to stick or not open smoothly. The solution is to have a professional locksmith make a new key and change the tumblers in your lock so the old keys become useless. It is the best idea to schedule this kind of maintenance before the key breaks inside the cylinder. The most durable and usually most expensive locks have tighter tolerances and use quality material which gives the locks a longer lifetime.

Why do you recommend getting more expensive locks?

As the famous saying states: “What you pay is what you get”. That said, if you decide to purchase high-quality locks at a higher price you will save this money in the future. Is your family’s well-being only worth a couple of dollars? Cheap locks are just that. They are not made with quality materials. It is more cost-effective to buy better quality locks. For example, Mul-T-Lock High-Security products have some of the best security hardware on the market. This allows you to make only one investment in your safety. Also, Mul-T-Lock products come with a patented security control key that ensures that only you, and any other person you choose to authorize, can only make key duplications. If cost is an issue key control cylinders may be the answer. This helps protect you from security breaches that otherwise could cause you to have to call your locksmith to re-key your locks. These locks offer you higher security which can protect you from possible future damages or unauthorized access.

Why do my car keys cost more than before?

The simple answer is technology. Your keys now have transponder chips in the key head. The transponder exchanges data with the vehicle’s computer for recognition. When you use the key and you turn the ignition switch, the transponder chip sends a signal to the receiver, then it sends a signal to the computer. The vehicle’s computer then processes these signals and if they match, the vehicle will start; if they do not match the vehicle won’t start. It is a built-in security system.

In my business, we have a high turnover. What can be done for me?

Your solution is not unusual for most businesses. You can use high security or key control cylinders and when they are returned you do not have to change the locks. Another option is single or double door access control systems. You control who and what time they enter your business with card access. You give your employees an access card that they swipe and the door locks release. With some systems, you can even track the time at which they enter or exit the building. If you let your employee go for whatever reason, you can inactivate their cards with a few keystrokes and lock them out. Enterprise Locksmiths also sells push button locks for all types of doors to limit access.

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