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Most of the new cars on today’s market require different transponder keys in order to start them. A transponder key is basically a regular car ignition key that has a small computer chip with copper wiring inside the head of the key. This Transponder key uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), technology. The transponder exchanges data with the vehicle’s computer for recognition. When you use the key and you turn the ignition switch, the chip receives the signals from vehicle’s computer and returns the signals to the computer. The vehicle’s computer then processes these signals and if they match, the vehicle will start; if they not match the vehicle won’t start. If the transponder inside the key is missing or damaged, it is impossible to start your car. Transponder keys are costly and they require special programming of the vehicle’s computer for recognition. Enterprise Locksmiths provide professional transponder key cutting, programming, VAT keys service, and electronic car key fob programming for most makes and models. Please contact us for free estimate and consultation about ignition transponder keys and remotes. All our locksmith services are mobile locksmith services; We are a locally owned and operated mobile service.

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There are many different kinds of transponders and the various automobile manufacturers have implemented their systems in different ways.

The transponder is a tiny coded radio transmitter that is embedded into the plastic head of the key. Not all plastic headed keys have transponders though. An example of the type of transponder that Ford puts in its keys looks like this:

When it encased in a plastic carrier and when assembled it look like this:

These pictures are obviosuly enlarged - with relation to the key it look like this: