Mailboxes Locks Repairs

Mailbox locks are very important for the safety of your identity. Identity theft is a common crime and one of the steps to prevent it is to secure your mail. Whenever you buy a new or resale home or move into a new office it is very essential to secure your mail delivery. If you have a mailbox in the common mailbox area you should consider replacing your mailbox lock. In addition, it is very common that the previous tenant or owner forgot to provide you with the mailbox key and even the mailbox number. If you don’t know where your mailbox is, please contact your homeowners association and your local Post Office. Canada Post will provide you with information regarding your mailbox. Please note there are two kinds of mailboxes: community owned mailboxes which usually were built by the homeowners association and Canada Post owned mailboxes. If you checked with your post office, and you were told that you need to hire a locksmith, then you can hire a locksmith to replace your mailbox lock. Please verify the exact number of your mail box before you schedule the service. In order to install a new mailbox lock a destructive entry method is usually used to remove your existing lock. If you have a key for your existing mailbox lock, the replacement of your mailbox lock would be much easier and cheaper. If you would like to have your mailbox lock replaced please call Enterprise Locksmiths for free consultation and estimate. We are a locally owned and operated mobile service.

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