Car Ignitions Re-Key

Whenever you purchase a used car, your ID and car key where stolen, somebody broke in to your house and stole your car keys, or you have a deformed ignition lock you need to rekey your ignition. In car ignition rekey process the wafers are replaced and changed so the new configuration will work with the new key, and it will not work with the old key. In addition, if you have a transponder key the new key should be programmed to work with your vehicle. Ignition rekey is a very detailed process since the ignition has many small parts. Do not try to change the ignition wafers by yourself as you can damage your ignition system and your vehicle. This damage can turn into very costly repairs. Let Enterprise Locksmiths to rekey your ignition quickly and professionally with no damage. Our highly trained technicians will come to you and rekey your ignition. You will be offered different options for your situations. Remember having your ignition rekeyed will help to prevent car theft and unauthorized use of your vehicle. We offer ignition rekey for many makes and models. Please call us for free estimate and consultation. All our locksmith services are mobile locksmith services; We are a locally owned and operated mobile service.
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