Ignition Car Keys

Enterprise Locksmiths provide car ignition installation, repair, and replacement services. Our experienced and professional auto locksmith technicians are available throughout the year. We have an average 25 minute response services at competitive rates in Windsor. Our technicians and experts have the latest available tools to provide detailed and quick ignition services that include: ignition replacement and installation, ignition system repair, broken key extraction, lock repair, transponder key programming, key fob programming, VAT keys programming, and much more.

Please call us for free estimate and consultation about your ignition keys.

Enterprise Locksmith also provides car ignition safety tips for your safety.

Ignition switch replacement – If your ignition switch doesn’t function properly, we can replace it with a new ignition switch.

Key Wafers and Switches – If it is possible to repair your ignition, we can replace the wafers inside your ignition, so the ignition switch can properly function.

Emergency ignition system services – If you have your ignition broken and you lost your keys or have any other urgent ignition key service; we are there for you ready to respond quickly.

Transponders and Vat keys – If you have lost your transponder key or VAT key, and you need a replacement we can cut and program a new replacement key for you.

Ignition lock repair – If you need ignition lock repair, please call us for free estimate and consultation.

Ignition switches installation – We provide services for installation of a new car ignition switch or replacement. Have you bought your own car ignition call us and we will come and install it.

Repairing ignition switch – We provide ignition switch repair services, so you can start your car smoothly. Ignition repair includes, wafer replacement, wiring repair, ignition switch parts replacement.

Ignition system maintenance – We provide maintenance for your ignition switch so it can function properly with your key.

Broken key extraction – We extract broken keys from the ignition and make a brand new key so you can use it with your car.

Making duplicate Keys - We provide duplication and programming of ignition keys including transponder and VAT keys.

There are many different kinds of transponders and the various automobile manufacturers have implemented their systems in different ways.

The transponder is a tiny coded radio transmitter that is embedded into the plastic head of the key. Not all plastic headed keys have transponders though. An example of the type of transponder that Ford puts in its keys looks like this:

When it encased in a plastic carrier and when assembled it look like this:

These pictures are obviosuly enlarged - with relation to the key it look like this: