Car Locks ReKey Services

Whenever you buy a used car from the auction, dealer, private party, or you lose your car key, it is highly recommended to rekey all your car locks including, car door locks, trunk locks, ignition, and glove compartment. Rekeying your entire car locks can turn in to costly service especially when your car has remote control and transponder keys, however it is much cheaper than having your car stolen or some valuables stolen from your vehicle. Car rekey service includes replacement of lock wafers in all locks and reprogramming of the new keys and remote controls (if you have any). By rekeying your vehicle locks you can be sure that you are the only one who has the access to your vehicle. Rekeying car locks requires special parts, skills and equipment. Enterprise Locksmiths have professional skills and tools to rekey all your car locks and program transponder keys and remote controls safely and quickly. Simply call Enterpise Locksmiths for free estimate and consultation for rekey of your car locks. We are a locally owned and operated mobile service.

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